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Citations and catalogues

Web archives

Archived 2001 on Pandora
The National Library of Australia


‘Topographies’ by Linda Carroli

‘Disputing Taste’ essay by Linda Carroli- All you can eat
‘Decor’ essay by Jane Gallagher

`Welcome to Oz’ Guarded Tours by Linda Carroli

TRANS, a global perspective

‘Big Banana Time Inc : My Country’ ‘Writing Wrongs’
by Linda Carroli

‘Art Nineties’ Bettina McAulay

‘Virgins Violets and Vamps’

‘Solitary Confinement’


‘Sharp Lines’

Citations – Texts

The Net Art Guide
Fraunhofer, Electronic Business Innovationszentrum:Stuttgart

Journals and Newspapers


Riddell, A. “Creative Electronic Community” Realtime Arts #89

Mousepad Masterpiece by David Rootes Colorado Springs, Independent (Art break 26/10/00)

Click Art by Mark Arnest Colorado Springs Gazette

Realtime #38 ‘Working the screen’ p.4

Bartlem, E ‘Topographies’ Eyeline Number 43 Spring 2000 p.46

Woodrow, I ‘Web selves’
Realtime@ MAAP99 and the Asia Pacific Triennial

Hooper, G ‘It’s the fridge calling’
Realtime@MAAP99 and the Asia Pacific Triennial

Carroli, L ‘I want to believe’
Realtime@MAAP99 and the Asia Pacific Triennial

Realtime # 32 ‘Working the Screen’ p. 8

Krauth, K ‘Net hopes’
Realtime #30 April 1999 p.15 #21 ‘Progeny’ April 1999

Smith, S ‘Volt shows less than electrifying’
The Courier Mail 19/9/98

Anderson, P ‘Some food for thought’
The Courier Mail 3/6/98

Carroli, L ‘Threadbare with flair in the ’90s’
Artlink Summer 1997 p.28

GEEKGIRL #12 The Travel Bug

Parley #1

objects\mycountry\KimMiller.htm by Kim Miller MESH#11 “Altered States”

Unknown ‘Playful popart focus on ‘big’ picture’
Campus Review September 3-9, 1997 p.14

Carbon, D ‘Thinking big about art’
The Courier Mail 16 September 1997, (Headstart) p.2

Unknown ‘Tracey’s Big-time tourist target’
Sunshine Coast Daily (February 4, 1997) p.4

Jackson, B ‘Take it to the limit: Volt – the Brisbane festival’ Eyeline (Summer 1996) p.7-8

Parker, P. ‘Sharp Lines’ Eyeline (Summer 1996) p.38-39

Carroli, Linda ‘Tolerance: Who for? What for?’ Eyeline (Spring 1995) p.28

Unknown. ‘Artistic Perceptions’ Northside Chronicle 14/9/94

Unknown. ‘Redefining Boundaries’ Queensland Pride 1/9/94

Unknown. ‘Artistically Speaking’ Northside Chronicle 9/2/94

Davidson, S ‘Artist lays claim to Irish Tribal Ancestry in Exhibit’, The Weekend Independent 12/11/93

Online only

The Digital Body by Denna Jones

Digital Arrives . . . Bit by Bit by J.D. Jarvis
Dunking birds productions

Radio and Television

2xxfm (Interview with Kathryn Roberts) 26/8/02

4ZZZ (Interview with David Broker) 4/5/97

4AAA (Kay Francis interviewed for the 1997 Fringe Festival) 30/4/97

EXTRA (CH. 9), 22/9/94

4ZZZ (Radio Interview), Megahers, (Interview with Heather Anderson) 11/9/94