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Ethics of Crisis Reporting

Today I came across a very insightful essay on Crikey by Dr Denis Muller titled The age of consent: journalists’ ethics in natural disasters. The article explored how journalists should behave on disaster situations and how they should engage ethically with victims. In most cases content needs to be given, unless the person being interviewed is […]

Dangers to news reporting?

This recent opinion post in The Australian titled “Lost in the Twitterverse” calls to mind the challenges of a world that can ‘talk back’ to media outlets, policy makers and politicians. The author states that: This mad plunge into social media-driven journalism would be mildly diverting if it wasn’t so dangerous to the future of news […]

Focusing writing energies

I have just realised something! Over the last few months, I have been castigating myself for my lack of focus and discipline about writing, spending lots of time trying to find ways to improve the regularity and quality of my writing.  Today, I realised that I do write – and write regularly! But most of […]


I have been back home just over a week and trying to adjust to being back in Australia, back at work and trying to refocus my energies. The garden is not too much of a job catching up, the mulching and weeding we did before we went away was effective, though as any garden, needs […]

Some favourite blogs

I always wish I had more time for reading, it is one of my favourite activities and I like reading about all kinds of topics, from current affairs, media trends, gardening, art, etc. Anyway, one way I have found useful to keep informed is by setting up Google Alerts, on a range of topics. I […]